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We have saved a SUPREME seat for you.  Join the Behan Cote Team today!




So why should you want to build your branch with Supreme Lending?  Well, it’s simple really. 


Independence: You maintain the freedom to be an innovator and build your own team when making the move to Supreme! We believe in a collaborative approach that allows you to maintain individuality while plugged into a network of supportive professionals. You really get the best of both worlds – corporate name recognition with the independence to run your own business.


Infrastructure: Take advantage of an established and respected lending reputation. We continue to work on refining our processes and offer the resources you need to get your business up and running FAST!


Products: Our product development team has you covered. You will have the products your clients need and an automated products and pricing engine! You will also have your own HUD ID for originating government loans all while being available to answer any questions you may have.


Support: Joining Supreme Lending with the Behan Cote team means you will get access to Management Support, Technical Support, Marketing, ongoing Training, Human Resource assistance, Accounting services, Licensing and Compliance support. This means that your time is spent focused on building your business!


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The Behan Cote Team of Supreme Lending prides itself on taking the time to develop our team.  We work to ensure you become the best version of yourself while maintaining a good work/life balance because we know family matters.  In addition, we invest in providig the tools an coaching necessary to maximize your earning potential and overall influence in the market. At the corporate level, our Product Development team is constantly researching the latest offerings on the market to keep your portfolio varied. We have an experienced panel of underwriters that take a “common sense” approach. As a Supreme Lending Loan Officer, you will join forces with a very goal-oriented team, focused on getting the job done right. We have made significant investments in software advancements geared toward cutting turn times and fostering a more seamless loan process from application to funding. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy as a Supreme Lending Loan Officer:


  • Local Decisions
  • No “Big Company” Corporate Layers
  • Fast Turn Times
  • Solutions That Help Your Clients and Business Partners
  • Common Sense, Experienced Underwriting
  • Responsive Secondary Marketing Department
  • Branch Processing
  • Online Engine for Locks & Pricing
  • Paperless Environment
  • Licensing Guidance & Assistance
  • Customized Marketing Support – Print, Video, Web, and More!
  • Awards and Recognition


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